🖥️ Plus Adventure: a collaborative RPG project

🖥️ Plus Adventure: a collaborative RPG project

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In August, Melissa and I launched a community project to create an RPG, called Plus Adventure. It took off very well (our Discord server has 250+ members!) and we spent most of that month, plus a decent chunk of the following months, working on it.

To be clear, I say this not because I want to promote my sister (although I do) - but Melissa did most of the heavy-lifting in regards to development, publicity, etc. This was her project, first and foremost.

What I was involved in was the organizational side of things. And actually, that was what I found the most interesting about this project: the administrative challenges it posed (dubbed “a whole knot of management spaghetti” by Melissa). Some of the questions we grappled with included:

We didn’t quite figure everything out, but I think the fact that we even had to ask ourselves these questions in the first place was a valuable learning experience. I find this more important than any programming or engineering knowledge gained.

I’ll end this entry with a couple silly conversation snippets from the Discord. Both of us have made good friends through this project, which is always a plus in my book!

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