[Genius Hour] Week #36: Need to Reorient!

- 1 min

Yikes, it’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Sigma Eta Pi has been quite time-consuming, but some of it is also due to my own slack… Will need to double down!

What projects did I work on?

…Pretty much just Baetreon.

What did I accomplish?

Not much, really. I honestly have little recollection of what I did those past four weeks. Probably mostly Sigma Eta Pi stuff? Major yikes.

What did I fail to accomplish?

Databases, cold-emails, even just putting thought on projects and doing something

What do I hope to accomplish next week?

Seriously sit down and think about what to do for Baetreon, then begin doing those things. Also, articulate my cold-emailing strategies and execute.

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